The New Tagtool Touch Experience!

We stopped en route for the Mapping Festival in Geneva at the Austrian ‘home of the Tagtool’ where I had my first opportunity to try out the new and exciting Tagtool Touch – a Tagtool app for the iPad – and here’s my very first drawing!This was a completely different order of experience from drawing with the ‘old’ Tagtool, with no cumbersome computer, no separate drawing tablet, and no jumble of wires connecting everything together. What’s more, it’s great fun to draw with your finger (or several fingers at once) and brilliant for animation!Here’s Maki drawing perched on the kitchen worktop – and Dima ‘had a go’ too, carefully studying all the drawing possibilities of this exciting new drawing tool.But, best of all, we were all able to join in a drawing and animation session on our iPads round the kitchen table (with no wires – absolutely magic!)

Visit the Tagtool Touch website at and read all about it!

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