On Friday 6 April we took over the Trafo Gallery in Prague for one night of art, music, and Tagtool performances. Our artist and musician friends from London, Berlin and Vienna who were staying with us for our spring party weekend joined with friends from Prague at this event which was part exhibition, part concert/performance and part just a good old- fashioned party!
Everyone lent a hand to set up all the equipment, put in place the installations and get ready for the evening performances – and soon the gallery was completely full of electronics, instruments and cables – as Dima said, ‘Look, it’s an installation already – with people!’

I didn’t take many photos for the blog during the evening and, as usual, most of them were not very good but I hope that this selection will provide at least some kind of record. (Note to self – next time don’t forget the documentation!)

Two ‘real’ installations, above by Ernst Altmann and below by Bego di Santiago.

These photos show Aldryn and Ade’s very interesting installation/projection in which they combined the video from this fish tank with Ade’s Tagtool drawing.

Below is one of my (unfortunately not very good!) photos that shows their visuals accompanying the performance by Berlin-based Metrobeat Allstars.
For their projections, Stefanie and Damian used old Super8 found footage.

The musical events of the evening began with performances by three of our friends from Vienna – Margaret Unknown, Idklang and Kajkyt.
And here is one of my better photos – Olivia Pils’ performance as ‘Fakemistress’ with Schmacke, from Berlin with my Tagtool drawing in the background.
Below is my visual for the finale of the performance by K.U.N.T.Z., a band with whom we have done Tagtool performances on a number of occasions.
Then it was partytime for all – DJs Stevie Weenie and Rubbergums at the helm!
It seemed like everyone who came to ‘Transformania!’ had a good time – so a big ‘thankyou’ to everyone who took part, to all our artist and musician friends, to the Lunchmeat crew who helped Dima with the preparations and, last and most definitely not least, to our ‘soundman’ Jakub.
And to end this post, here are some of Dragan’s photos of my Tagtooling…

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