Trip to Slovenia…

…from 9 to 18 July our ‘holiday’ in Slovenia, visiting Ljubljana and Maribor, traveling through the beautiful Istrian countryside and enjoying concerts at the Floating Castle Festival as well as doing lots and lots of Tagtool drawing – seven different sessions in ten days!  For this overview I have chosen just one photo from each session – but I will select more photos for some later postings.

1-P1130146Podcerkev – drawing on the roof of the building behind the stage at the Ethno Histeria World Orchestra concert at Ars Viva‘s open air amphitheatre.

3-P1130220Cerknica – concert with members of Ethno Orchestra held in a big barn in the centre of the town (with a spectacular thunderstorm as accompaniment!)

4-P1130286Floating Castle Festival – concert in the big cupola with Israeli band, Hayelala.

5-P1070672Floating Castle Festival – performance outside the (locked) cave at the castle.

7-P1130401Floating castle Festival – drawing on the façade of Grad Snežnik at the big open air Friday night Ethno Histeria concert.

8-P1130513Floating Castle Festival – Saturday night concert under the arches of the castle gateway – with my drawing reflected in the lake.

9-P1130621Ljubljana – at Tovarna ROG, an improvised Tagtool drawing session in the courtyard alongside an evening of poetry reading.

I have a lot more photos from these sessions, some of which Dima has already posted on Facebook, but I will write more about this trip in a few days.  Now it is the festival season and we are very busy – on Saturday at Rosnicka Festival in the Czech Republic then Monday in Brno, so I will not have much time for the blog!



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