Two new experimental drawing sessions

Here are the videos from our latest drawing sessions. I am posting them together like this to enable comparison between working in 3×4 format and widescreen ‘letterbox’.


In both of these sessions I used Dima’s very powerful tower computer (the first time he has let it leave his office!!) instead of my own laptop. For the first black and white video I drew continuously without releasing my drawing for forty minutes – and this time there was no ‘drifting’ of the line. So, it seems that this ‘drifting’ problem has everything to do with the powerfulness of the graphic card in the computer…… The second session was slightly shorter (about half an hour) and again there was no ‘drifting’ but this one has a lot more transparent drawing and, before when I have drawn in this way using my laptop, the problem with the line seemed to occur much sooner than when I was using opaque drawing.
The widescreen video is in full high definition and Dima used frame blending in his post production so the lines are markedly sharper and the transitions more fluid than in the first black and white video. (He also made a frame blended version of this drawing but we decided that both the drawing and music did not lend itself to this treatment.)

The music for both of these videos comes from our newest and most exciting ‘discovery’ – a band from St Petersburg called Samka.

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