V Centru/ Im Zentrum

Catch up time for the blog – long overdue! This Czech/German festival was held in the district of Jesenik (which in former times was part of Silesia) and on Saturday 29 September I was drawing on the exterior of an historic building in the picturesque village of Bukova. Although it was beautiful sunny weather by day, in the evening it was extremely cold, making it difficult both for my Tagtool drawing and also for Cyril, Martin and Dima who were providing the live music for the event. For the first half of the concert I draw on the building, then Dima turned the projector and Tagtool to project on the surrounding trees. Unfortunately I have no images of any of these drawings. There was a good sized audience for this event and lots of people were taking pictures on their phones but I had a sore throat and by the time the performance ended I was so cold and unwell that I didn’t ask anyone to send me photos.

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