Vložte kočku tour – part 1

I took the photos below at our gig at the ‘Colour Meeting’ festival at Polička, an historic town in the south of the Czech Republic. This was the first time that we had used Dima’s lighting, his video clips, and my Tagtool drawing all together in the one performance – which made for a very complicated set up!
I thought that the lighting design and video worked really well together but I wasn’t too happy with my Tagtool drawing – so perhaps it is just as well that I don’t have any photos for the blog….
The next day we went to the festival Pohoda, in western Slovakia. This enormous festival is held at the airfield at Trenčín and Vložte kočku’s performance was in the afternoon at the Red Bull Stage bus.
As it was daylight, for this location our lighting and drawing were not needed so, for the first time, I just sat in the sunshine and concentrated on listening to the music! After the performance we were able to explore the festival site and see some of the other (really spectacular) stages too, which was great.
For our next ‘stop’ we returned to the Czech Republic for the festival at Boskovice, another historic town in the south of the Czech Republic. Outside the walls of the castle ruins there was a beautiful white traditionally-shaped circus tent where the music performances were to be held. This programme was a real Vložte kočku ‘family event’ – the central performance was by VK but the evening began with a set by Ufajr, one of whose members is the keyboard player with the band and closed with a performance by Mutanti hledaj vychodisko. Although it was still bright and sunny outside when we set up the projector Ufajr asked me if I could do some drawing for their set – and of course I said yes, which was a good idea as it gave me an opportunity to get to used to the huge amount of distortion that I had to contend with when drawing on the tent roof.
For Vložte kočku’s performance Dima set up his lights and this time I think that the drawing and lighting worked together much better than at Polička.
I was about to pack up my pen and Tagtool when Mutanti hledaj vychodisko asked if I could continue and do some ‘mutant drawings’ for their set – this was something quite different for me, and made a really fun end to the evening!

I’ll end this post with three photos of our last drawing of the night. On the tent roof I drew the silhouette of a man in a hat then the different versions of the image were made by Dima changing the colour in the second projector which was positioned on the ground in front of the musicians and cast the shadows that connected with my drawing.

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