Vložte kočku tour – part 2

The tour ended with two performances in Ostrava, the first at the Czech Music Crossroads event that preceded the Colours of Ostrava Festival and the second at the Festival itself.
The Marley club where the Crossroads event was staged was just the right size for Dima’s new LED stage lighting to have maximum impact (though this can’t be seen in any of the photos that I took with my small camera!) but the club had black walls and a low ceiling – so not so good for Tagtooling.Our ‘on the spot’ solution this problem was to use gaffer tape to fix a white sheet for the projections to the eurotruss lighting rig above the band. This seemed like a good idea and it worked well for the fist few minutes of Vložte kočku’s set but under the heat from the stage lights the tape didn’t hold and first one side of the sheet then the other fell down among the musicians!
This really upset me, as there was an invited audience of journalists, promoters and concert organisers and this was an important gig for the band. But I’m happy to say that the musicians just played on as if nothing had happened and instead I was able to do this drawing on the (dark brown!) ceiling in front of the stage…I thought that despite this shambles with the projections Vložte kočku gave a really great performance, and the organisers must have thought so too, as the band was invited to play on the Radegast Czech Stage at the Colours Festival the following day. I’ll save the photos of this for my next posting…..

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