Vložte kočku tour – part 3

The Colours of Ostrava Festival is held at Dolní Vítkovice, an old industrial area of coal mines and ironworks which since 2002 has been designated a National Cultural Heritage site. I think that it would be very difficult to find anywhere a more extraordinary and awe-inspiring backdrop for a music festival!With four days of concerts and performances on 15 open-air stages dotted around the site it is no surprise that this festival attracts huge audiences.IMG_0299Above – Vložte kočku on the Radegast Czech Stage. The Tagtool was set up in a corner inside the barrier below the stage, which was a good position for me as there was a huge audience for the concert. I gave my little camera to Theresa who took lots of photos of the musicians and also of my drawings which were projected on the wall of the building adjacent to the stage. Here is a selection.
The photos below show the effect of the colours cast on my drawings by the changing patterns of the spectacular stage lighting. I hadn’t anticipated this unexpected ‘extra’ that completely changed their appearance (and sometimes the lighting even made it difficult for me to see what I was drawing at all!)

I’ll end this post with some of Theresa’s photos of Vložte kočku onstage.In the photos below, behind the musicians Dima’s LED lights are visible too.

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