Wall of Light – Day Three

Children from Hempland Primary School provided the first session of the evening. They had had an opportunity to try out the Tagtool at school as part of the Illuminating York Project and were obviously eager to show off to their parents their Tagtool drawing skills.  Some children wrote their names or sent messages – ‘I love Mummy’ was very popular, while others drew people or their pets.  Some of the littlest ones scribbled furiously, covering the tower in a kaleidescope of vibrant colours Marcus, Matthias and Martin were on hand to animate their drawings. When they saw their work spinning round, and zooming out and in on the surface of the tower this caused a great deal of excitement.
Children who were not drawing jumped and ran towards the base of the tower, chasing the moving drawings and trying to cover themselves in the coloured light. Soon there was a long queue of families waiting for the Public Session to begin.
It looks like this is becoming one of the ‘must do ‘ half-term activities for local children and, while some parents managed to do a little drawing under the guise of ‘helping’, I discovered only this one adult drawing amongst the large number of photos I took during the evening.Many of the families with young children had gone home by the time the Artists’ Jam Session started, but they were replaced by a new, mainly adult audience. I took these photos before I joined in the session. Back at the house Josef prepared something for us to eat while Jorg, Matthias and Marcus reviewed the results of the evening’s time lapse photography. It was the end of another long, but successful day!

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