Wall of Light – Day two

Luca’s stunning calligraphy opened the evening’s performance and a big audience had gathered to watch. Some keen photographers arrived early, secured front row positions and set up their tripods while others were holding up their mobile phones and cameras to capture the spectacle. Jorg was videoing and taking photographs for us and the time lapse camera was installed in the tower. I recognised some of the faces in the crowd from the previous evening and, sure enough, when the Open Session was announced a large queue gathered immediately, mostly families including some with very young children, all eager to try the Tagtool. Ben controlled the queue with his big clock, strictly five minutes of drawing each! Everyone was very excited and as the photos show, the children, and their parents, were loving every minute of it – so much so that the artists’ jam session started late. It was all very hectic! By this time we were all quite tired and t was a great treat to return home to find a lovely hot dinner cooked for us all – a big thank you Mandy!

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