Wall of Light – the last day

On Sunday morning the weather changed – there was torrential rain and a high wind that blew all day but miraculously by 6pm, although it was much colder than before and still rather windy, the rain had stopped. Although the weather had kept some families away there was no shortage of people wanting to draw in the public sessions. More people gathered for Iink and Maki’s performance but as there were not the crowds of the previous evening, this time I managed to take lots of photos. I noticed there were people in the audience setting up their cameras and tripods who had been at the Saturday performance too and they were rewarded on this last evening with a delightful and colourful animated sequence of fairytale images including this amazing pink sea monster and mermaid. A very nice finale!

Then it was time to carefully lower the beautiful projector into its box, dismantle the tower and clear everything away. The next morning the only thing that remained to show where the projector tower had been was a pale green square in the grass.

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