Wassergasse studio session

After the weekend partying (and the football!) – we had a Tagtool session in the studio at Wassergasse. These screen shots are from the set of drawings I did at the beginning of the session. These were recorded as a test piece for Maki, to demonstrate the length of time it takes for the Tagtool star to start ‘drifting’ when I draw continuously without releasing my drawing. This is a problem I encounter with the current version of the nodekit when I am doing very fast drawing in order to make dense multi-layered single images. (The only way we have found to avoid this happening is to switch off the antialiasing – which means that I am unable to achieve smooth lines and edges in my drawing.) Dima had thought this might be because I use a PC but in this session when I tried the Mac the result was the same.

Then we had a jam session – using two Tagtools and projectors.I drew first with Maki. We haven’t had an opportunity to jam together like this for quite a while – so this was great fun!This still is from my session with Jan.I took these two photos of our computer screens to show our ‘division of labour’ in this session. (The black and white drawing is by Jan and Maki and I did the blue background.)

This little clip is a record of Dima’s special contribution to the evening – his ‘Instant Stereo’. This D.I.Y. effect he achieved by asking me to take some ‘still’ video footage while he jumped up and down on the floorboards in the studio, shaking the tripod on which one of the projectors was mounted!

As usual – lots of fun with the Tagtool! Now I am really looking forward to the crew’s visit to our place. (It’s next weekend! So I hope to have lots more stuff to post soon.)

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