Wedding party!

Last weekend we stayed at Hotel Luční bouda, the highest mountain hotel in the Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains) – the unbelievably romantic setting for the wedding of our friends, Martin and Alice. We took the Tagtool with us of course! I did the test drawing below on Friday, after we set up the projectors and Tagtool in the corner of the room where the party was to be held on Saturday evening.With several DJs and VJs among the guests, there was a lot of equipment to set up – and some creative solutions were required to get everything powered and working, as can be seen in the photo below. (Note the hotel waste basket which found a new use as a wire projector ‘cage’ suspended from the ceiling lamp!)
Here are some photos of the drawings I made during the evening at the party.

Dima animated the drawing (above) to accompany the dancing and the photo below is the mountain landscape that I drew towards the end of the party.

We had a wonderful time at Alice and Mikulas’s wedding – it was a really joyful occasion and although the Krkonoše mountains were covered in a blanket of thick mist and rain for the whole of the weekend and it was impossible to see the summit of Sněžka from the hotel, we felt that we had had a proper holiday!

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