Workstation for live drawing

Here is a picture of my workstation set up for our live drawing projects.   I’m mixed handed but usually draw with my left hand, so I operate the sliders of my tagtool with my right hand and draw with my left, on my (old, battered but much loved!) Wacom pad.   I have the table positioned so that I can see what I’m drawing projected on the wall as well as on the laptop screen.  It has taken some practice for me to be able to locate the sliders and move them to give the colour, line thickness, opacity etc that I want while at the same time keeping the drawing going and looking continuously between the computer screen and projected image.  One slight problem that Dima has so far been unable to resolve (and is technically way beyond my comprehension) is the mismatch that occurs between the  laptop screen and projected image aspect ratios.   I haven’t found it too difficult to cope with the slight differences in colour (and of course in intensity, depending on the amount of light present from other sources) between laptop and projection.  However, the distortion that occurs in the projected images if I  base my drawing only on the laptop, or the ‘stretching’ of the drawn images on the laptop if I draw only with reference to the projection is less easy to cope with.  If anyone reading reading this has met this problem to and knows how to resolve it, I would welcome some advice.  In my next post I’ll put up some images from our recent sessions.


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  • Reply mat January 19, 2009 at 11:54 am

    What projector are u using? Which resolution?

    If u change the Aspect / Resolution while drawing u have to restart the Nodekit, to get the changes into the program.

    If u send pix of the problem , i might get it.

  • Reply maki January 20, 2009 at 10:49 am

    I usually draw just looking at the projected image, ignoring or turning off the laptop screen… after all, the projection is what the audience sees….

    for the ratio: it should be fine if both laptop and projector are set to the same ratio (a safe 4:3 setting is 1024×768 on both, for 16:9 i often take 1280×720)

    some projectors (like our little NEC) have a “cinema” or widescreen setting that will stretch everything… better to turn it off

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